Class Description

Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy offers a friendly and relaxed environment.

Each day starts with its respective standard fare. At this time the traditional and extremely focused side of training is done with people standing on wooden blocks, performing the prearranged stepping moves, or the two man sets depending on the day of the week.

Following is a period in which Sifu Jue sets aside time for questions on kung fu and more. Sifu Jue is the type of teacher who encourages questions, comments, and is always willing to demonstrate his ideas by touching hands with his students. Constantly involved in both the student's martial expertise and their personal growth has garnered him the outstanding respect of all who know him.

Next the class generally moves into more complicated practical applications. This section of the day is where students get a chance to learn new concepts and to experiment with what they have learned. Students at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy are often drawing on knowledge learned from class and from outside experiences. This time is often punctuated with many questions and a fine mix of humor from the students and teacher. Most importantly the training is done in a manner that allows for learning of the principals of the applications and not simply an imitation of the movements.

Chi Sao, a two person freeform sparring drill that begins with opponents arms in contact, also plays a major part of the training at the school. All students are both encouraged and given frequent opportunity to participate in this exercise - a unique aspect of the Wing Chun styles. It is the primary bridge to all-out combat, increasing sensitivity and giving the wing chun player the tools to spontaneously flow from technique to technique.